Big Bird Wood Grinding Service

Cleared for Growth — Maximum Strength Grinding

The Tub Grinders of Big Bird Wood Grinding Service are respectively known as the "Highway Contender," commits us to the highest level performance on large scale projects. Need to clear a lot, tract, acreage, road or right-of-way - the Highway Contender turns large tree piles, limbs and root balls to mulch - quickly and cleanly. For builders, contractors, and excavators the Tub Grinder is the simple, affordable way to clear underbrush and shred debris. For municipalities, it is an efficient and cost-effective method of choice for managing recycling programs, waste reduction and landfill reclamation.

For additional information, availability, or to schedule the "Highway Contender, Call Big Bird Wood Grinding Service at Toll Free 1-888-458-0202 OR Metro 972-228-8844 — it’s the clear way to growth!
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